Suzhou Run-Tech Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou, the "paradise" - Suzhou Yangcheng Lake, is engaged in food and beverage machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises. We are responsible for the production line equipment design, manufacture, installation and commissioning, and is devote to the design and manufacture of integrated engineering and single food and beverage machinery and equipment. The company has a strong technology and experience base, a wide range of domestic and international customer market.

     The main business scope includes: Production, sales and agents in food, beverage, dairy and other food and beverage equipment. Such as the blending system, UHT, filling machines, packaging machines (packing machine), sterilization machines, palletizing machines, blowing machines (injection molding machine), homogenizer, separator, sleeve labeling machine (labeling machines), detection machines, printing machines, tunnel spraying machine, air shower, clean room, accumulation station, all kinds of conveyor (belt) system etc. meanwhile agents of these various well-known manufacturers of equipment abroad.

    Our main customers are Coca Cola; Pepsi Cola; Uni-President; Tinghsin Group; Dali Group; JDB Group; Hershey KISSES; Tohkin Bevearge; Four Seas Group; Markiem-Imaje, and so on.

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